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Tools for MFTech hardware



IntCon is a tool for programming the Interface:

  • The mapping of R/C channels to joystick axis and fire buttons can be selected and stored in the Interface (USB-Interface II and III)

  • New software can be uploaded (USB-Interface III): firmware update.

  • HID Console for debugging of custom HID applications

The program runs on Windows 98 SE, XP, Vista.

A short manual is available here: intcon.pdf [150kB]


  Type Version Download Comment
1 full Installation 2.3 [5MB] recommended


USB-Interface III SDK

The SDK contains a collection of programs, source codes and documentation for demonstration of the applicability of the USB-Interface and as a starting point for self-made applications.

Application PC USB-Interface
Human Interface Class HID API dll, HID Demo (Visual Basic 6.0, Visual C 6.0) HID Demo
Communication Class Windows 2000/XP Driver inf, COM Terminal Demo (Visual Basic 2005 Express) Virtual Com Port Demo
Mass Storage   Mass Storage Demo
Custom Driver Treiber, API dll (Borland C) Custom Driver Demo

The SDK contains USB-Interface source codes for Microchip MPLAP and the C18 compiler. Both are available for free at . The PC source codes are written in Visual Basic 6.0, Visual C 6.0, Borland C and Visual Basic 2005 Express. Visual Basic 2005 Express is freely downloadable at .



Download Comment
1 self installing archive 1.0 [2,3 MB] password required



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