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   buddy boxes


model flight technics, hard- and software systems



 new products:

[10.2009]  IO-Board for controlling up to 40 servos and reading the output of a R/C receiver

[9.2009]  PCB board for an easy built-up of the R/C Receiver Adapter

[8.2009]  PPM generator firmware for USB-Interface III to control a R/C model via a PC joystick, source code included

[2.2008]  USB-Interface II with fixed receiver cord

[7.2006]  Coming soon: USB-Interface III with integrated Receiver Adapter, custom programs installable with SDK; data sheet

[3.2006]  RC Receiver Adapter to connect the flight simulator with the R/C receiver via the USB-Interface

[7.2005]  USB-Interface II with programmable assignment of R/C axis

[4.2005]  USB-Interface in slim size of memory stick available soon


[1.2004]  adapters connecting R/C-transmitter and PC flight simulator:


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