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R/C Gameport-Interface for flight simulators



Technical data


The transmitter's PPM-signal is decoded by the ATtiny 15 processor, 4 different voltages are assigned to the slider positions by MOSFETs and sent to the gameport. Depending on the processor's software the transmitter reacts like a 4-axis joystick with 1 fire button (pressed at full amplitude of the 3rd channel or beyond the 0-position of the 5th channel). The microcontroller digitizes the transmitter signal with a 250 kHz sample rate and assigns a number between 0 and 250 to any of the 4 RC-channels. After the voltage-conversion these numbers are sent to the gameport.





This interface is instantly usable without driver installation and has a 1,6m cable. It works with nearly all transmitters equipped with a pupil plug. For more information about suited transmitters jump to: buddy boxes


The Gameport Interface works with most R/C simulators which can be controlled by a common game joystick under DOS or Windows.



Different versions

The Gameport Interface is available as ready-to-run smd device or breadboard assembly set with all parts. In addition, the ATtiny15 microcontroller in DIL package for the following schematic is available:

click to enlarge, SUBD-plug viewed from plugging face


assembly on breadboard


Windows installation, hints

guide gameport-interface.pdf [190kB]


digital Gameport Interface


digital R/C Gameport Interface for 8 axis, with JR connector


The digital R/C Gameport Interface uses the same technology like modern  joystick devices:

Up to 8 stick positions are received and decoded by a processor again. However, the information are sent digitally to the gameport though 4 wires originally designed for fire buttons of analog joysticks. In consequence, more than 4 axis (up to 8) are transmitted to PC.

The disadvantage of this transmission method is the need for a Windows device driver, that processes the Gameport Interface information and provides a special joystick with 8 axis. The driver is available at and works with Win95, Win98, Win ME.


This R/C adaptor originates completely from Dipl. Ing. W. Wiedmann (website at If you have any questions about functionality, installtion, availability, .. please email directly to . This adaptor can also be ordered in the formular.


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