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   buddy boxes




simplified flow chart within R/C transmitter:


The electronics in the R/C transmitter convert the voltage of the axis resistors into a binary signal. This is forwarded to the buddy box and at the RF-part. In the RF-part a modulation of the signal happens on a bearer frequency of 35 MHz to a spread of 10kHz, that corresponds to minimum channel distance of different crystals. The receiver in the model demodulates the signal, it dismantles it into its 8 channel information and sends these to the appropriate servo. Only in the servo, the PPM-Signal is decoded and the servo arm moves. Consequently, the entire transfer trek can be built up without costly electronics or processors since the PPM-Signal is not changed during communication.


PPM format:

A complete PPM-Frame has a length of 22.5 ms. It exists of an overlong start information and 8 channel information. A stop information with 0.3 ms follows on every channel impulse. The length of a channel impulse ranges from 0.7 ms to 1.7 ms and corresponds to the stick position. Consequently, the illustration shows a transmitter with full amplitude right in channel 1, channel 2 on full amplitude left, channel 3 on middle,.. the start impulse supplements the 8 channel impulses, so that the total length of 22.5 ms emerges.


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